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Why China has developing much faster than others countries?

Why China has developing much faster than others countries?

There is no doubt that China has over performing in terms of national development and economic development. In 2010 China is remarked as the world second largest economy. Rapid growth of China has dramatically achieved fast development in domestic and international market, finance, social education and urbanization. So let’s have a look why China has developing much faster than other countries.  

One of major factor of fast development in China is obviously its planned economy system and Gross Domestic Product. Over last three decades Chinese economy has increased by 6% annually and as of stats in 2018, private sector has increased by 60%, in innovation is reached 70% whereas urbanization of China is marked 80% growth and 90% in employment sector. Thus, China plays a vital role in international trade and development.

Being considered as the world fastest developing economy China it the home so, called mega structures and metropolitan cities. China has attracted various colonies wishing high standard of living and great possibilities to grow. Nowadays, one of the important cities in China is Beijing and Shanghai. Both the cities are known for urbanization and center of political, financial and social activities. These cities host many international students, traveler and tourist for different purpose. Hence we can say that Chinese cities are a point of affection for national and international.

Another supportive factor is power and political system of China. The powerful economy of China and communist party has provide a great influence to national and international peoples. Since the Communist party of China majorly focus on internal development foreign relations it provide a big impact on country’s growth and create various opportunities for development.

The history of continues development of China dated back to 4000 years ago. Chinese civilization is the world’s oldest civilizations. The society and culture of China is simply diverse with others and it is the added element of Chinese development.

So, this are the main reason of steady development and growth of China. Furthermore, there are many other factor responsible for fast urbanization and economical achievement marked by China. 

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