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Things you shuld or should not supppose to bring in China

Things you should or should not bring to China

Things should and should not bring to China

Things you should or should not bring to China

While packing your bags for final departure to study medicine in China, take some expert advice for worth packing. For light and comfortable and also to be safe from any unavoidable situation in China, it’s better to know that what things you should or should bring to China. There are some China specific endorsements for joyful journey. So here is a list of things you should or should not bring to China.  

“SHOULD” bring .

  • A Valid passport.
  • An invitation letter by the University of China, bring original as well as photocopy.
  • Chinese students visa for international students.
  •  Xerox copy of all your legal documents by both government.
  •  Legalized documents which will permit you to enter or stay in the China.
  •  Driving license.
  • An Air outline for scheduled journey.
  • Travel Insurance receipt of student.
  • Copy of medical records form an authorized doctor.
  • Security Access is must for students.
  • Official address of medical University in China must be written in English and Chinese language.
  •  Your hotel/Hostel reservation receipt.
  • It is useless to take your mobile phone in China. Mobile phone recharge of other countries are very expensive in China, so that’s why people avoid to use their cellphones. Thus you can write down some important contact information, so that you can easily make a call from Chinese Phone card.
  • A small Chinese dictionary.
  • A local map is very useful for traveling by your own in china. However, Taking public transportation or walking, is also affordable and convenient way. Take your MasterCard or Credit Cards with you, as they are acceptable in China.
  • You don’t know when you get allergic or infected in new environment of China. So Medicine are important. Even though there are many western medicines shops/centers, but bring your own is good. Don’t forget to take your prescription medicines, anti-bacterial ointment, antibiotics, pain reliever, and diarrhea medications.
  • Pocket tissue. It sounds awkward but in most of the public hotels or dormitories don’t provide toilet papers except deluxe hostels or hostels.  
  • Traveler’s checks for more information Visit the site.


  • There is a big No for weapons. And Social security cards.
  • NO drugs. In case if you caught with illegal drugs in China, than there is no option to get out of this trouble and your home authorities will also not be able to help you.
  • Don’t bring politically sensitive things in China.
  • Don’t bring cloths having bad quotations or anything wrong about China in Chinese and Military clothing are also not a good option as they create unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • Don’t carry your valuable jewelries.
  • Electronics are also not useful in china, because there is a different voltage in China; 220 is the normal universal voltage in China.
  •  Do not take a Purse without zip. Burglary is normal in Chinese Public places, there are thieves all around similar to other nations. So, students have to be very careful before going to any place in China. And be extra careful while going to a public spot or crowed place. Always carry zippers instead of Purse.
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