Structure Of Medicine in China for International Medicos

Structure of Medicine in China

Structure Of Medicine in China for International Medicos

Getting admission in Indian Medical College are very tough job because of limited seats and sustainable competition among Indian participants to take admission in public medical colleges/universities, that’s why students considered Chinese universities for MBBS studies. Structure of medicine in very high level in China.

Modern or based medical education in China was introduced in the early of 20th century at Chinese universities and hospitals regulated by international faculties. Nowadays, Universities, colleges and institutes, offer five to six years undergraduate programs as well as special two-three years programs for post- graduation in China’s higher foundations. To offer quality driven medical education and high standard, the Chinese Ministry of Education set up a quality control regulation on medical education, to regulate directly and this system especially works for undergraduate medical education in English medium.

China being the second largest and the fastest developing economy in the world, offer some world’s finest medical institutions. China offer low fees medical education as compared to Indian colleges and other developed countries. Alongside they also provide qualitative education in their campuses. After China, Russia is the second hottest destinations for Indian students to pursue Medicine. Furthermore, A large funds for high education, research and development programs in field of medical science Ministry of Science and education.

Universities of China the western system for training students in medical education. However, in order to shorten the six years long program they compressed it to five years. To become a Doctor. Usually students have to devote five years of hard work and concentration at a medical school of China. In case of specialist education students may have to pursue 2-3 more years training for complete education.

A medical graduate have to rotate through several departments according to their course specialties and strengths and the hospital’s needs. Specialty physician usually specialize training in a specialty or subspecialty at a general hospital.

After completing graduation, if the graduate want to work as a certified Physician then they must have to work as a resident physician to be eligible for National Medical Licensing Examination (NMLE) certification. It is approved by the Ministry of Health, China to work as a physician or assistant physician.

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